Pricing - Set up is $350

We'd love to just print the price right here, but it depends on so many things that pieces are priced on a custom basis. The size of the piece, the shape, the number of colors, and the design elements all come into play in our quotes. Also, the quantity ordered and the turn time required.

We can quote from faxed artwork as long as we know the overall size of the piece and the color placement. E-mailed files also work just fine. Quotes are good for six months from date of issuance. Art, size and color changes may necessitate a re-quote.

Here are some examples of our pricing, just to give you an idea, but please remember, until we see your art, we can’t really give you a quote:

1” x .75”
Square corners, two colors 1,000 @ $.13 each 750,000 @ $.07
1” x 1.382”
Square corners, three colors 1,000 @ $.23 each 750,000 @ $.14
2.28” x .63”
Die cut shape, three colors, with carbon fiber inlay 1,000 @ $.37 each 750,000 @ $.22
1.5” x 1.75”
Three colors 1,000 @ $1.21 each 750,000 @ $.68
3.25” x 1.25”
label with pressure sensitive adhesive
Two colors 1,000 @ $.63 each 750,000 @ $.42
2.44” x 2.31”
label with magnetic backing
Four colors 1,000 @ $1.68 each 750,000 @ $1.03

We’ll be happy to give you a no-obligation quote, via email or fax. Just fax or email us your design.
Yes, you can mail it too. - 847.719.1760